September 27, 2022

Instagram pages to follow when in Valencia

The best spots can be found here

Instagram pages to follow when in Valencia


Living a full life is all about great experiences. But everyone has different tastes, maybe you are into hiking, eating or dancing, but maybe you are more into reading or taste-testing cocktails on the beach.

Therefore, we thought the best way to let you live Valencia to the fullest, is to recommend you some interesting Instagram pages to follow, and perhaps you will even discover a hidden passion while scrolling trough them.

Be free, be curious, and live your best life.


Secret spots in Valencia are not so secret anymore with this Instagram account, but that’s great news for you ! They are the best account to tempt you into this Valencian dream, and with their written content in Spanish, your language skills will be tested. Great photography, pinned locations and a variety of places.

are you a fancy foodie? head to @enjoyvalenciafood

She explores a big variety of cuisines in Valencia, and she even mentions what she ate, what is costs, and when it’s open. It doesn’t get easier than this!

PS: check her “Q&A” story highlights for specific categories, like vegan places, special occasions, where to go with your dog, gluten free and much more.

And are you a Dutchie and a foodie? then @goodfood.valencia is the perfect niche for meeting your new food friend, they also organize tapas tours with only Dutch people, so you can ease into the Spanish culture.


The official Instagram page of the city of Valencia, not to be missed!

Captions are both in English and Spanish, so you can get your daily practise in, and their pictures show some great hidden spots in the streets of Valencia for some Instagram worthy shots. Easy and accessible, with a link to their website for all relevant tourist info to help you on your first days here.


A great place to find all kinds of top 5, things to see, try and do in Valencia. Want to know the 5 best places to drink Horchata, the refreshing summer drink of Valencia? You know where to go!


Ready to explore outside of the city? This page knows how to inspire you to pack your bags and leave for the day. Go back into nature, breathe the fresh air and get recharged for next week.

We hope these pages can help you discover the best places in Valencia and Spain.

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If you have any other ideas, or want a collab, please reach out to us via mail or DM.

PS: these Instagram pages are not sponsored.

The weVLC team

The weVLC team


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