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weVLC makes your living an unforgettable experience in Europe’s sunniest city: Valencia.

this is wevlc

Imagine yourself with a group of like-minded people in a beautifully renovated apartment in the coolest locations across Europe’s sunniest city; Valencia

And the best thing: Living with weVLC means that we have you fully covered in everything you need!

made cool

At weVLC we provide a free-of-hassle stay so you can focus on enjoying your life in Valencia. Our community and your experience are what we care most about.

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Premium locations

We have different locations around the city centre in Valencia, easily accessible, and well connected. They are fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities.


We make sure your apartment is fully furnished and serviced. All our apartments are equipped with amenities to guarantee a stress-free experience.


weVLC satisfies what people look for in a community! Our community managers organize events involving sport, business, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

your dream place

Our selected locations have everything you will need for your experience in the city

The 1º city to live for expats

Valencia has been selected as the number one city in the world to live by international people. Its wonderful climate, beautiful coastal and inland areas, excellent flight links, friendly mindset and delicious food and wine made this city the most attractive in the world. Join weVLC and enjoy:

300 days of sun
Beach and mountains
International mindset
Rich in history and culture

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our members have to say

Being part of weVLC is much more than renting a room in a shared appartment. weVLC is not just having access to exclusive advantages, it also is having the opportunity to enter our community, our family, where you can make friends for life, live unforgettable experiences and much more.

“Valencia is great, weVLC is awesome!"

I decided to take the step to move to VLC for a job in a Dutch startup. I didn't know what to expect from local renters and how to find the right people to live with. Luckily I found weVLC, and many great people there!

Joyce Waters
The Netherlands, 25

“This is exactly what I needed”

It was amazing! I lived for 3 months in Valencia and my experience with weVLC was one of the best of my stay, I not only found a great, brand new place to stay but mainly great friends.I'd moved for work and the opportunity of meeting other people and get to know them was rare. weVLC gave me the chance to meet incredible young active people that, just like me, just moved there. They became my family by that time.

Clara Kajzer
France, 31

“I can't imagine moving somewhere else”

At weVLC I found everything I need. A nice apartment in a cool location, like-minded flatmates, and an easy way of living to enable me to focus on my experience in Valencia. Very much recommended. As they say; living just made cool.

Neme Mohanna
Perú, 23

Want to be part of weVLC?

weVLC is your local partner in Valencia. We provide you with unique investment opportunities and beautiful co-livings fit for young internationals!

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