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Being part of weVLC is much more than renting a room in a shared flat. weVLC is not only having access to exclusive advantages. It is having the opportunity to enter our community, our family, where you can make friends for life, live unforgettable experiences and much more!

Valencia is beautiful, but becomes unforgettable if you share it with the right people.
Life is meant to be enjoyed and if it is in good company, then it is even better.

The club in numbers


Ocuppation rate

Our locations are very demanded. Don't doubt to reach out to us and join the selection process.



Our community keeps growing, but our main focus is making it the best one!


Of fun events

Weekly events that will help you to engage, learn, grow and have fun with other members around the city.

we have only 1 goal:
Making you feel better than at home

You are far from home and starting this new and exiting adventure by yourself. Our goal is to make it a simple, safe and fun ride for you so you only need to think about making the most out of it.

The values that drive everything we do

These values are a representation of what we believe, and a message of what we want to spread to people and the world . We make sure all of our members fit these values in weVLC to create the best environment for all members :)

don't hesitate and ride the wave

You are boarding a rollercoaster ride that is about to begin. We love rollercoasters rides. Live it, love it, and learn from it. Showing us along the way what makes you, you!


We make mistakes, and we keep promises. But most importantly, we want to inspire the people around us, with positivity, kindness, and an open mind.

Chasing dreams

the WeVLC community is full of dream chasers that help each other grow. We like to discover, go to the extra mile and create unique life changing experiences together.

Life is a surprise

We firmly believe that life should be a constant surprise. We are only here once, and we can't wait for the next thing to happen. In weVLC, surprises are everywhere; in the apartments, events and from other members. Surprise yourself, surprise others, and let life surprise you!

Honesty always wins

Our main driver is transparency and honesty. That's how we live. Pursue high active communication with the members, be transparent with your flatmates, and deliver your message with a smile.

Want to be part of weVLC?

weVLC is your local partner in Valencia. We provide you with unique investment opportunities and beautiful co-livings fit for young internationals!

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