April 18, 2023

Coliving at weVLC, that's it!

In weVLC we provide a free-of-hassle stay so you can focus on enjoying your life in Valencia.

Coliving at weVLC, that's it!

Coliving at weVLC, that's it!

Young professionals or students aged 19 to 33 make up the majority of those who choose coliving. Some are students, while most are young professionals who have embarked on an international lifestyle and employment, or want to share their experiences with like-minded people.

The duration of stay can be between 1 - 12 months, but could also be longer...

The typical image of Coliver is that of a hard-working person who enjoys his independence without sacrificing comfort, companionship or friendship. 

We have found that the key benefits of coliving include: 

  • Accommodation flexibility 
  • Cut costs 
  • Services included in the price 
  • An awesome community 
  • Apartments located in different and best desirable areas of the city

It can be challenging to share a property with others, particularly on the off chance that there are extra bills such as furniture and utilities.

Coliving is additionally an invaluable choice: the lodgings are prepared, and all services are included within the cost.

weVLC is changing the way people live and experience being roommates by focusing on all the wonderful aspects of living and growing personally, together. Being part of weVLC is much more than renting a room in a shared flat. weVLC is not only having access to exclusive advantages. It is having the opportunity to enter our community, our family, where you can make friends for life, live unforgettable experiences and much more.

WeVLC offers you a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which to meet people from all walks of life. You will feel at ease in our flats, and you will be able to socialize with other individuals who, like you, share your interests and are searching for convenient locations, a variety of services, and the chance to share their experiences.

Coliving spaces, in addition to being super cool and beneficial, are environments that are regularly cleaned and maintained, allowing our residents to live safe, comfortably and focus on enjoying their life in Valencia.

The weVLC team

The weVLC team


Living just made cool

Want to be part of weVLC?

weVLC is your local partner in Valencia. We provide you with unique investment opportunities and beautiful co-livings fit for young internationals!

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